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Ace Group has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing equipment and maintaining equipment in good condition, and is designed for reuse, repair, maintenance and reassembly with standard parts. We focus on eco-efficiency and continuously improve the environmental performance of our products, processes and services. We also provide advanced tools to improve the productivity, maintainability and longevity of the equipment that uses scanning.
We consider the entire life cycle of the product when designing it, because most of the environmental impact of the product life cycle is defined in the product design phase. Our product design is based on smart design principles, focusing on repairability, durability, and energy and material efficiency. Usability, eco-efficiency and safety are our guiding principles in product design and life cycle thinking.

Specialized Services & Support

  1. Design and Technical Consultation for Cranes
  2. Crane Girder Box Fabrication
  3. Spreader Beams & Special Structures
  4. Refurbishment and Up-gradation of Standard and Custom Built Cranes
  5. Annual Maintenance Contracts for cranes
  6. Supply of all spare parts power supply related to cranes
  7. Radio remote systems

Our service provide more productivity and economy in all levels.

With our cranes, we create up to a few running ranges that make the best use of your corridor geometry, integrate offices with every different, and therefore optimize paintings processes. The maximum degree is made of our overhead visiting cranes, which shipping top notch and heavy masses of as much as one hundred twenty t at some stage in the complete corridor area. The ABUS overhead visiting crane impresses with most flexibility, as it could be tailored to all constructing designs thru specific major girder connection options. The center crane degree is fashioned with the aid of using our unmarried girder wall visiting cranes (as much as five t) and unmarried girder semi-goliath cranes (up to ten t). Depending at the load, the suspended crane may be moved both manually or thru twin velocity electric powered journey drives. When the use of an HB-System in a shipping state of affairs with 3 ranges, the set up of the machine may be on our standardised cantilever helps or on a free-status bespoke metal construction. Our jib cranes, with a most load capability of 6.three t, a jib duration of up to ten m (load dependant) and with a rotating jib arm provide you excessive flexibility with numerous mounting variations for the ground or wall. A slewing variety of as much as 360 ranges makes perfect use of area and permits rapid and straight forward cloth shipping everywhere in the workplace. Depending at the to be had area, we will set up a slewing jib crane as a freestanding pillar jib crane or as a wall-hooked up jib crane, which may be hooked up immediately on current constructing helps. Our light-weight cell gantry with a load capability of up to two t and a most universal peak of five m is the handiest cell crane in our portfolio. This gantry is typically used every time occasional lifting of masses at more than one offices is necessary.

Our Services
Building Layout to optimize productivity
Technical Consultation for material handling /storing solutions
Technical data while designing the buildings with cranes
Method Statements for shop testing, Site testing and Crane Erection
Cranes assembly, Fixed wiring and Shop testing
Crane Transportation, Site Erection, installation and Commissioning
Implementation of Radio remote Control Systems & Tandem Controls
Replacement and Repair of heavy duty Crane profile Rails
Thermit welding and Puddle Arc welding techniques for Rail Joints.
Back up services and supply of spare parts for reputed Crane makes
Inspection and repair of ship mounted Derrick cranes, Winches et
Maintenance, Repair & Servicing of cranes by experienced technicians by manually for contracts cranes
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Inspection And Testing


Service And Maintenance

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