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Single Girder EOT Cranes

The Ace Cranes single beam mobile crane is our flexible crane for almost any application. Even in buildings with low ceilings, effective material flow solutions can be achieved with loads up to 16t and spans up to 39m. Generally, within this load range, single-girder cranes do not require safety clearance under the roof. This allows the best use of existing space or can save additional building height costs. The Ace Cranes single beam mobile crane is suitable for different construction applications due to its various main beam connection variants. The favorable size of the crane helps to achieve the best highest hook position. The “version 3” main beam connection is the best solution for the new factory building because this version provides the best lateral dimensions. If the lifting height is the deciding factor, then the ELS Single Girder Swing Carriage Crane is the right choice. The single beam crane is also ideal for special solutions: ABUS accessories and components provide additional specialized equipment to meet your needs. The sturdy rolled section girders form the girders of the Ace Cranes ELV single girder crane, while the ABUS ELK and ELS single girder cranes consist of torsionally resistant welding.


  • Load capacity: up to 12.5 t SWL
  • Span: up to 36 m
  • Wide range of girder connection versions for optimum adaptation to individual applications
  • Very high hook positions possible

Our Services

Building Layout to optimize productivity
Technical Consultation for material handling /storing solutions
Technical data while designing the buildings with cranes
Method Statements for shop testing, Site testing and Crane Erection
Cranes assembly, Fixed wiring and Shop testing
Crane Transportation, Site Erection, installation and Commissioning
Implementation of Radio remote Control Systems & Tandem Controls
Replacement and Repair of heavy duty Crane profile Rails
Thermit welding and Puddle Arc welding techniques for Rail Joints.
Back up services and supply of spare parts for reputed Crane makes
Inspection and repair of ship mounted Derrick cranes, Winches et
Maintenance, Repair & Servicing of cranes by experienced technicians by manually for contracts cranes

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